NAB to train employees in cloud basics along with AWS

IT Wire

The NAB Cloud Guild, in co-operation with Amazon Web Services, will provide participants, be they beginners or seasoned developers, the chance to learn cloud skills which will aid NAB in its technology transformation. NAB chief technology and operations officer Patrick Wright said in a statement that cloud technology would be critical to the company’s switch to simpler and faster technology. “Cloud computing is becoming a dominant technology platform and our people need to have the relevant skills to deliver for our customers,” Wright said.

“Customers are demanding seamless, digital experiences and we need to be ready to deliver."

Those who pass through the programme can become certified “AWS Cloud practitioners”. They can also opt to keep training and become an associate developer, an associate systems operator or an associate architect. The training will be funded by NAB and run by AWS, and focus on architecture, security, developers, operations and big data. All NAB employees will be able to apply to join the programme with the requirement being that they show keenness to learn new things and have a basic grasp of the concepts behind technology. AWS managing director, Australia and New Zealand, Paul Migliorini, said: “AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform and we are pleased to be working with NAB to deliver one of the most significant AWS Cloud training programmes in Australia or New Zealand. Read the full article at IT Wire

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