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Key to innovation is organisation's culture

The Australian

One of the more common misconceptions about innovation is that it is somehow an isolated element of an organisation’s culture. In fact, what our customers tell us — and what we have seen in our business — is that innovation is most likely to occur if it is encouraged and applied across the entire organisation. This might sound obvious, but in fact many organisations have tried to apply innovation in a centralised way, creating hubs or similar types of “centres of excellence” to spur innovation.

This approach has its merits, but innovation really needs to be organisation-wide — there should be no limit to who can contribute to it. Condensing innovation into a small part of a business is by definition limiting; ideas can come from anywhere. The sea change we are seeing with our customers — and we take the same approach — is to create a culture where those ideas can be captured and brought to life, and to ensure there is a technology platform using the Cloud to reduce the friction and cost of making innovation real.

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