The Importance of Training Your Staff for the Cloud

Training helps you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Written by Amazon Web Services

Many large and small enterprises are considering a transition to cloud technology, but wonder how they will get the support they need to best leverage the technology for their business. The best way to get the most out of your cloud investment is to invest in training to help build cloud skills within your organization. Doing so will enable you to leverage the skills of your existing staff, reach your business goals sooner, and feel confident that your organisation is getting the most out of the cloud.

This article will look at why training is such an important and valuable step of the cloud journey, and how, specifically, AWS Training and Certification can help you navigate the transition to cloud and turn your employees into true experts.

Training can help you leverage existing staff

In 2015, the AWS Head of Enterprise Strategy, Stephen Orban, wrote about the importance of educating existing staff about the cloud. He noted that “everyone you need to move forward with the cloud is already there, you just have to enable them.”

Training can help your staff leverage the fundamental IT skills and institutional knowledge they already have to transition to cloud roles. We spoke to Maureen Lonergan, the Training and Certification Director at AWS. She explained that training “saves you time and money since you won’t have to hire new staff to fill cloud-based roles.”

Essentially, regardless of your cloud platform, the sooner you take a look at the roles you currently have and the ones you need, then invest in the training to develop your employees, the easier your job becomes.

Training can help you reach your business goals sooner

Training your staff will allow them to better use the cloud so you can accomplish your objectives more efficiently. Maureen Lonergan says cloud training “gives your employees the skills they need to innovate faster.”

Training is particularly important for organizations undergoing complex migrations. Here are a few key ways training can help accelerate a transition:

  • Training will help your employees understand how to use the cloud. For example, they can learn to efficiently manage, operate, and deploy applications using AWS.
  • Training can build internal buy-in and get your staff speaking a common language.

A trained staff, whether with AWS or another platform, will be able to spot the services and solutions they need much faster, which means you can develop better solutions for your customers.

Cloud training “gives your employees the skills they need to innovate faster.”

Build confidence with certifications

Encourage staff to get certified so you can feel confident your employees have the skills they need for success with the cloud. A core group of AWS Certified staff can help lead your organisation through the change and implement best practices. And it can help you identify individuals who are ready to be promoted within your organization.

If you do need more cloud experience within your organisation, look for certified candidates so you can fill any remaining holes with confidence.

A Tour Through AWS Training and Certification

AWS Training and Certification helps build cloud skills to make your transition to the AWS Cloud easier so you can get the most out of your investment, faster.

There are several training options with AWS.

Online Digital Training:

AWS offers free access to digital training for over 100 AWS products and services, with unlimited access to more than 150 training courses to help your staff understand how they might apply them to your organisation and to get them started on the basics of using AWS solutions. This is a simple, cost-effective way to go about getting your staff the skills they need for your organisation’s cloud. Once your staff know the basics, they can use free or low-cost labs to get hands-on practice using AWS.

Role-based Training:

AWS offers role-based learning paths for employees in Architect, Developer, or Operations roles. Each path includes training, labs, and certifications that are most relevant for how they will work with AWS. Each path leads to associate and professional certification exams so employees can validate their new skills.

Customised Training:

You can work with AWS on building customised training curriculum, including a step-by-step guide and timeline that lays out who does what, and why each role is important. This way, your staff will have a clear roadmap to follow.


Whether you prefer in-person or online, self-guided or instructor-led, AWS has an option to suit your organisation. Training is available across the globe and in eight languages through AWS and the APN Partner Training network. That means training can be delivered in your location using local language and customs.

Beyond Knowledge

AWS Training and Certification can help you prepare your staff for your move to the cloud. In the end, training is about more than just building knowledge and awareness. It’s about helping your business accomplish your goals sooner for less. With the right training, you’ll have a cloud-knowledgeable staff to help you leverage the cloud so you can innovate more and get to market faster.


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