Australia's cloud journey

The economic value of cloud services in Australia

Deloitte Access Economics

Deloitte Access Economics has explored the economic value of cloud services in Australia for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Australia’s most broadly adopted cloud platform. The analysis is based on publicly available information, consultations with AWS cloud users, and a survey of over 500 Australian businesses currently using at least one cloud platform.

The survey sample included respondents from all industry sectors, a range of business sizes (from less than $1 million in revenue to over $500 million in revenue), and years of operation (less than 1 year to more than 10 years).

Fielded by Research Now in July 2018, the report offers insights to help you develop a broader understanding of business use cases for cloud services, the drivers for adopting cloud, the impacts on business operations, as well as perspectives on benefits and challenges.

Key highlights:

  • Cloud is not just a business tool but a driver of economic prosperity in Australia.
  • While cloud adoption is increasing, a larger focus on upskilling within organisations and education is key for further improvement.
  • AWS Cloud technology is leading to more jobs.
  • Cloud is a foundational technology for emerging businesses and promotes Australian entrepreneurialism.
  • Improving customer service and keeping up with competitors is revealed as the most cited business motive for cloud adoption with 38 % agreeing.
  • Businesses have an opportunity to benefit further from their cloud usage, by incorporating technologies like AI and ML.


The Economic Value of Cloud Services in Australia report also reveals how local companies like Finder, Fugro Roames, nib and NAB have used technology to disrupt competitive sectors and achieve international scale.

Read the full findings of the report here. We hope it further helps your business in strategising the  next steps of your  cloud journey.


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