IDC White Paper

Fostering Business and Organizational Transformation to Generate Business Value with Amazon Web Services

IDC White Paper

Executive Summary

As cloud technology has matured, adoption rates have accelerated by demands from business to deliver transformational solutions faster and stave o unexpected competition. IDC has observed the migration to cloud technology resulting in significant benefits to the bottom line not just from cost savings but the ability to continuously deliver innovative solutions using capabilities like machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT).

IDC interviewed 27 organizations around the world running various enterprise workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to understand the impact of AWS on their information technology (IT) and business operations. These interviews revealed that study participants are leveraging AWS to not only lower the cost of providing IT services but change how they deliver IT services and help them transform their business operations to better compete and address market demand. IDC’s analysis shows that these AWS customers are achieving strong value at an average of $20.97 million per year per organization over ve years. The benefits were achieved by:

  • Creating more cost-effective IT environments by optimizing compute, storage, and database costs or moving away from running own IT infrastructures (IDC calculates that surveyed organizations will spend 31% less on AWS fees than running a comparable infrastructure.)
  • Shifting IT staff focus to differentiated work and strategic business initiatives, including substantial gains in application developer productivity (IDC projects that IT infrastructure teams will be on average 62% more efficient and application developers will be 25% more productive with AWS.)
  • Offering reliable and high-performing applications that lead to operational efficiencies in the form of higher user productivity and fewer business disruptions, with an average of 94% less productive time lost to these outages with AWS.
  • Instilling IT and business operations with the agility required to deliver cost-effective IT resources on an on-demand basis to address business opportunities as they arise, with interviewed organizations delivering almost three times more new application features with AWS, helping them win more business and increase revenue.

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