The evolving conversation around cloud security

Written by Amazon Web Services

Early on, customer concerns centred around whether or not the cloud itself was secure: Can we trust the cloud with our data? Are we increasing our exposure to risk by migrating to the cloud? But over time, the conversation has changed. Concerns are no longer about whether or not the cloud is secure – instead, they are about how to best secure data in the cloud.

Customers want to know: What kind of controls are available so I know who is accessing my data, and when? How do I access and audit my data so I know I’m in compliance? How can I secure a hybrid cloud environment?

The first wave of leaders to ask these questions were pioneering what was as much a cultural shift as a technological upgrade. Now, more organisations have realised that, one way or another, their future lies in the cloud and they are seeking the best way to secure their data with the right cloud provider.

Learn more about the conversations you should be having within your organisations and your cloud provider, and explore the six core benefits of a secure cloud in the latest AWS eBook: The Data-Safe Cloud.

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