Cultivating Security Leadership eBook for CISOs

Amazon Web Services

Learn how enterprise CISOs are going beyond security systems—and investing in their people—to safeguard their organisations. The role of CISOs is to help guide the board and their peer C-suite leaders as they proactively protect their brands and customers. This eBook discusses how investing in people is a good way to both prevent turnover and continue to build your organisation’s strong security postures into the future, drawing from interviews with CISOs from Netflix and Intuit.

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Cloud Migration

Leading enterprises across ANZ are embracing cloud

Whether you are new to the cloud or a digital native, this booklet features stories from leading enterprises that have migrated, innovated and transformed their customer relationships, to help you prioritise your cloud goals.

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Enabling IoT Insights and Voice Services for Power and Utility Companies

How can consumers fill their homes with connected devices, while avoiding paying for inefficient energy usage?

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