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Developing Applications for an AI-Enabled World

The market for machine learning and deep learning–based AI applications has grown rapidly and continues to surge. IDC estimates spend on machine learning and deep learning solutions to exceed $57 billion by 2021, and by 2026, that 75% of all enterprise software will include some aspect of machine/deep learning for predictions, recommendations, or advice.

IDC is beginning to see that organisations are using deep learning applications as a catalyst for business process disruption, digital transformation, and the creation of new economies of scale. Recently, vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS) have developed services and tools for deep learning, that allow data scientists and developers to develop and deploy deep learning models more quickly and easily.

AWS has been busy finding ways to democratise the development and use of AI and deep learning technologies to promote wider use and deployment within enterprises. Read the findings of how businesses are implementing and deriving value from AI today in the latest IDC report.



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