April - May 2019

AWS Executive Forum 2019

The 2019 AWS Executive Forum was an invitation only forum for senior business and technology leaders with a dedicated stream within the wider 3 day AWS Summit Sydney 2019 (standby for the on-demand recordings).

Joined by over 700 leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, the discussions and engagements at the AWS Executive Forum focused on how to build a future-ready business, embrace a disruptive mindset, and encourage a diversity of ideas and experiences to drive greater results.

View the presentations covered at the AWS Executive Forum and take a step closer to driving value from critical and emerging technologies such as cloud, AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

“[There are] five contributing factors necessary for a company to successfully innovate; 1. Hold a Bold Vision; 2. Engage an Executive Champion; 3. Re-Engineer your Workforce; 4. Adopt Agile Practices; and 5. Empower your teams with a Modern Data Architecture Platform” ~ Ed Lenta, Managing Director, AWS Asia-Pacific


Day 1:

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Keynote: Build a Future Ready Business with AWS

Millions of businesses worldwide are now using cloud technology to ‘Build a Future Ready Business’. By retiring legacy technology, enterprises can reduce costs, gain efficiencies through automation, and free up capital to invest in strategic innovation.

Activating Data as a Strategic Asset to the Business

Whilst most businesses have built a data strategy, not all data strategies are equal. Read insights from AWS experts, and leaders from NAB and Vodafone Australia.

Build Real Business Outcomes with AI & ML – The Art behind the Science

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) are critical but emergent technologies. Read how Amazon looks at AI & ML and examples of what the business outcomes from such solutions tend to look like F1 and Carsales.

Be a Better Innovation Leader Today and Tomorrow

Atlassian’s Dom Price led a real ‘Leadership Hack’ on Innovation with practical mental models.

Industry Track – AgTech Sessions

5 presentations from AWS, Livestock Corp, AgriWebb, Autogrow and Flurostat.

Day 2:

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Keynote: Building the Right Organisational Capabilities to Succeed in the Cloud

Read how Amazon, SAP, NAB and Nine Publishing built and sustained capabilities in areas such as Leadership, Skills Development, Data Growth, DevOps, Application Modernisation and Security.

Lion’s Journey to an Innovation-Led Growth Strategy

Discover how Accenture and Lion, one of Australasia’s largest food and beverage companies, shared key insights and lessons learned from their journey to establish incremental and sustainable innovation programs leveraging emerging technology that has helped their business to improve customer experience and drive business value.

Positioning Large Transformation Efforts to the Board

Board and Executive Level sponsorship is proven to accelerate and broaden the impact of cloud migration. Review how change strategies that are driven top down require a particular approach.

Industry Track – Financial Services Sessions

5 presentations from AWS, Capital Consult, ME Bank, CBUS and Judo Bank.

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The AWS Cloud Journey Simulation workshop lends organisations an experiential cloud journey to help businesses understand how cloud is an enabler to better meet business needs. Book a spot for your team in metropolitan cities across Australia and New Zealand, being held 28 May – June 6. Learn More.



Cloud Journey Simulation Workshop

The AWS Cloud Journey Simulation workshop lends organisations an experiential session that will expose your team to key decisions points common in the first two years of adoption.

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Key to innovation is organisation’s culture

What are the keys to innovation? Why is it important, and how does it work. Crowds gathered to hear about innovation from AWS customers, as well as a range of innovators and builders from Amazon and Amazon Web Services.

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