Curtain Raisers: How a new generation of builders are performing on the world stage

Amazon Web Services

Australia and New Zealand are both nations of builders and entrepreneurs. We know how to create and value, and in recent years – it’s software where we have really made our mark on the workplace of the world.

Australian rising stars Atlassian, Canva, Kasada, GorillaStack, TipoTapp, Whooshkaa, Cloud Conformity, Sinefa, and Buildkite are making their presence felt on a global scale. And for 1.8 million subscribers worldwide, New Zealand’s Xero is helping them transform the way they do business.

For a new generation of builders to succeed, they must stay nimble, find cost-effective ways to scale, and find backers that believe in their potential. There’s a reason more of these companies choose to build on AWS than any other provider: it’s a reliable path to success and growth.

Our cloud platform is a low cost, reliable, and secure foundation on which to build and deliver software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to customers.

In the qualitative study, we join local builders on their journeys and explore the pitfalls and opportunities they face along the path to global success.

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