There are some very good startups but not much at scale, says Petre

Australian tech industry at a crossroads: Daniel Petre

The Australian IT industry is at a crossroads and it has a choice: participate as a producer of the world’s greatest applications and services or just be a user, former ninemsn founding chairman Daniel Petre said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the AWS Summit in Sydney, Petre, who is now a partner at venture capital firm Airtree and an adjunct professor at the University of New South Wales, said we need to decide whether or not we are going to produce ‘vertical use cases’ for technology or ‘just use somebody else’s.’

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Australia needs to plug innovation gap

Being at the crossroads of technological change, Australia should decide if it wants to be a producer of cutting-edge applications or be contented with just being a user of technology.

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NAB to train employees in cloud basics along with AWS

The National Australia Bank has launched a training programme for more than 2000 employees to learn skills in cloud computing.

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